Need cash fast? We lend money fast!

We offer easy to get loans on your items of value, which we hold as collateral. Such as gold, diamonds, TV's, power tools and virtually anything of value.

Loans of all sizes

The size of the loan we can offer you will depend on the value of your item.
At Classic Pawn we will help you decide what is the best way to get you the money you need. Whether you are selling or getting a loan, we will explain all your options.
Florida — Dollar Money in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Special rates on single day loans

We also offer special rates on single day loans. All of our loans, no matter the length or the size, are insured, and bonded for your protection!
  • Up to $299 - 20%
  • $300 - $999 - 15%
  • $1000 - $4999 - 13%
  • $5000 and up - 10%
On some loans rates may be negotiable | 5% and 10% rates may be available for short term loans.
We are a proud member of the Florida Pawn Brokers Association and the National Pawnbrokers Association so you know you won't just get quality products at our shop, but excellent customer service as well!
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